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What is the Guild of Clandestine Wardens?
(( RP-moderate magic-based supergroup; mature/casual gamers need apply! ))

IC Info:
The Guild of Clandestine Wardens is a coalition of mages and other mystically inclined individuals. Having existed since ancient times, they work primarily to safeguard humanity and act as keepers of the peace in regards to the supernatural. Wardens employed by the Guild range from mages of varying schools of magic, quasi-"normals" with the skill, equipment, ability or knowledge to correspond to threats of an otherworldly nature, and even "lesser" supernatural beings such as vampires, werewolves and other immortals. However different they may be from one another, these individuals are bound by a common thread.

In the old days, the Guild operated very far beneath the radar, preferring to keep those uninitiated to the supernatural in the dark about their activities. However, with the fairly recent influx of ambient magic and the sharp rise in appearances of super-powered beings, the Wardens have found it difficult to stay hidden from the public eye. Because of this, many Wardens are gradually turning away from maintaining a veil of secrecy under the belief that the Guild's resources would be better spent on other avenues.

One should be careful not to confuse the Guild for an organization of hunters. While their first priority is safeguarding humanity, many supernatural entities have and still do coexist peacefully alongside man, albeit usually without their knowing. Wardens are peace-keepers, not hunters.

OOC Info:
(( So basically, the Guild is a sort of BPRD type of organization minus the government’s control or even knowledge of its existence. And they’ve been around for quite some time in one form or another, policing the supernatural stuff so folks can sleep better at night. And so said supernatural stuff doesn’t go around gnawing on random people’s faces.

Looking to keep this group mostly RP moderate. You know, get together and run missions IC-ly a couple nights during the week, possibly get a storyline or two going somewhere down the road. But if you just wanna go smash baddies, that’s cool too.

Player-wise, we’re looking for mature individuals (as I swear like a gorram sailor) who are interested in RP. If you’re the bees knees in that department, awesome. If you’re new to it, we’ll be more than glad to take you under our wing.

Character-wise, a wide variety of sorts would be acceptable, so long as they are somehow mystically inclined. As the Guild has humanity’s best interests in mind, we’d prefer those native to the material plane. Most if its members are human, partly human, or used to be human and bear a general wariness toward the extraplanar. That and there’s that whole issue of being banished.

If you are interested in joining head on over to the Applications section of our forums, or contact @oddman84 in-game if you have any questions. ))

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Sep 18, 2010 at 10:47 AM
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Weekly Meetings

Talked to a few people and it seems like Thursday night is probably the best time to do this. So on the 23rd at 8:00 pm EST we'll meet up for a bit and run some missions ICly. Maybe Serpent Lantern or some other instance/lair if enough people are interested.

Anyway, hope to see you folks there.